Get Social Premium Member For $0.5

What is socialmonkee...? SocialMonkee is a online tool to making a backlink from many social bookmark with just 1 submit proccess.For the free member,socialmonkee give us 25 link for 1 time submit in a day.But,if you go premium,you can make 100 backlink for 3 time submit for a day...!!

So,for a webmaster who want to make a good backlink,you must get premium member.Why...? with a premium member,you can make 9000 backlink for a month...!

If you tired reffering anyone,We have a special price for webmaster who had joined socialmonkee.Get a premium member for just $ 0.5....!

So,just sent a payment from paypal (We just support it) and sent $ 0.5 to e-mail with your name,e-mail (we will keep your e-mail safe),and your refferal link.Be sure you sent a RIGHT refferal link

We will make your downline in 2-3 days.If we complete make it,we will sent an e-mail for info.

Thanks,and don't forgot, it just $ 0.5 for a lifetime....!

If you don't have any account yet,just go to and go submit your name and email...


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3 Responses to Get Social Premium Member For $0.5

  1. segera deh kedasbor gan.tq ya

  2. info bagus mas, ada yang bisa buatkan akun premium untuk saya, kalo ada tolong email ke, kasih penawaranya ya, saya tunggu


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